Invitation for the opening conference

Invitation for the opening conference of the Tempus EDUECO project: ‘Education of Teachers in the field of Ecological Food Production and Management’
Program opening conference
Monday 28th of November
Educons University, Sremska KamenicaObjectives:

  • inform participants and a wider public about the project, its plans and ambitions
  • inform participants and a wider public about the organizations involved in the project
  • inform participants and a wider audience about the urgency of the project in ecologic food production and education
  • follow up on 1st project management meeting
  • networking amongst participants from the opening conference

10.00 – 12.00 official kick off of the project and presentation of project and the consortium executing the project
13.00 – 15.00 network development meeting conference
13.00    key note speaker on knowledge development and knowledge transfer in ecologic agriculture and relevant EU programs
13.30     present situation in EDU-ECO, the need for networks in ecological food production, the concept of development of network organization in EDU-ECO
14.00    presentation of ambitions and needs in EDU-ECO from point of view from producers, outcome of the Field Research
14.30     presentations of the network activities and knowledge development in the EDU-ECO project
15.30 – 17.30 project management meeting for consortium members
    Subjects: agreements, reports and follow up of 1st management meetings, agenda network meeting and training in June in Montenegro, reporting issues, financial issues
19.30 opening conference dinner in Novi Sad